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Police Drones Will Monitor South Padre Island Spring Breakers

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In a newly released report, the South Padre Island Police Department stated that they would be using police drones to monitor the spring break activity.

For years, South Padre Island has been an exciting destination for Spring Breakers and an annoying inconvenience for locals. In addition, South Padre Island typically has to bring in extra law enforcement to help handle the huge influx of vacationers.

The police drones to be used includes a 4K camera, which is ready to “capture crystal clear footage of every keg stand and beach volleyball game,” according to the Houston Chronicle.

By having access to aerial footage, the city hopes that if something terrible happens, they’ll have an easier way to solve the problem by locating missing partiers, which happens every year. It’ll also give the Police Department a bird’s eye view in case something violent occurs on the beach, like a brawl or the like. When alcohol is involved, it’s best to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

Around 25,000 vacationers are estimated to flood South Padre Island in March alone and because of that, the drones “are a part of the city’s public safety department.” They’ll be used to monitor further police situations after the Spring Break crowd leaves.