Police Investigate Gunshots Heard at Rodeo Houston

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“When someone starts running, you just run and ask questions later,” a Rodeo Houston attendee told KPRC after the chaotic scene on Wednesday night that ensued when several people heard gunfire. The ordeal took place around 9:40 p.m., and once people began running in the carnival grounds outside, others asked what happened. News spread instantly that there was a shooting, and a wave of people moved from the northwest area of the grounds where the gunshots were heard. posted a video that Nathan Sims took as he and a friend were watching the confusing ordeal from a chairlift ride that travels across the festival grounds.  (Watch the video here. It contains strong language.) One of the first things he says is “Is there a shooter?” showing that the possibility of an active shooter situation is fresh and many people’s minds.

At first, news outlets reported that police said there was no evidence that shots were fired. Now it’s been revealed that on Thursday afternoon 17-year-old Raymond Nathan Colbert was taken into custody and “charged with misdemeanor evading arrest. A weapon has not been recovered, but police found shell casings,” writes. It’s still unclear as to what exactly happened that confusing night.