Fort Worth Police Officer Donates Bone Marrow to Young Boy in Italy

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When Police Recruit Ty Veltre joined the Academy, he went through the process to join Hallie’s Heroes. As CBS DFW explains, it’s a voluntary program that involves getting a swab test done to see if you happen to be a genetic match for someone in the world who is in need of a transplant.

Veltre’s results came back saying he matched with a boy in Italy who desperately needed bone marrow. The police recruit was thrilled to be of service to the young boy, and he hopped on a plane from Dallas to head to Washington DC to have surgery.

“It makes me feel really good. I was really glad to do it. I was really excited to do it. I’m anxious to just to see how the boy turns out. They say it’s a good success rate and everything like that. So I’m anxious to find out about the boy. But I would do it over and over again,” Veltre said about his journey.

The Fort Worth Police Department posted a video of Veltre explaining the entire process, including his surgery. It serves as a wonderful reminder of how people across the world can help each other. Even though it was painful, and certainly not an “easy” thing to do, Veltre says that it’s one of the “best experiences” of his life.