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This Police Officer Had a Tea Party With the Little Girl He Saved

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Last year, Rowlett Corporal Patrick Ray saved a sweet little girl named Bexley when she was choking on a coin. Recently, the two had a tea party to celebrate life and their friendship.

Bexley’s mom, Tammy Norvell, hired a professional photographer to snap pictures of the two chatting and enjoying some refreshments out of a play tea set outside. Officer Ray says he anticipates getting teased a tad for his less than masculine outing, but Tammy notes that it’s important to show the sweet side of police officers.

Bexley, 5, knows that side well. She always prays for Officer Ray, and she immediately asked her mother if he was alright when the Dallas police officer shooting took place. “I wasn’t ready for that question from my 5-year-old,” Tammy tearfully told CBS DFW.

But none of them will forget the day they nearly lost Bexley. Officer Ray remembers hearing her gasp and cry once he was able to dislodge the coin from her throat. He told CBS, “It was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard in my entire life.”

“We’re best friends, right?” he asked Bexley, who feels safe and happy around the officer. The two will cherish the photographs for years to come.