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Political Cowboy’s Latest Video: Voicing His Opinion on the NFL Protests

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Well, our favorite Political Cowboy is back. Chad Prather is at it again; this time to voice his opinions on the latest NFL protest going on across the board. Known as the “modern-day Will Rogers,” according to his website, Prather has become well-known for letting his opinions out on a variety of issues.

“Chad Prather is equally at home on stage or behind the wheel of his pickup truck, musing on pop culture topics from politics, and family life to whatever inspires him on that day,” shares his website.

This Texas humorist has quickly become a fan-favorite with his outspoken comments. His latest rant on the NFL follows what is going on around the league and the protest of the national anthem. In it, he shares his opinions on trying to understand the point of view of the protest.

With the ability to express his opinion in such a way that it doesn’t come off as offensive but thought-provoking, this “Political Cowboy” has become a youtube sensation. “Through the power of social media, he may also be one of the most important topical humorists of these current turbulent political times,” states his website.

Watch his latest video above and tell us what you think about this topic? To keep up with Prather, follow his website at politicalcowboy.com. According to his website, he is currently on the road taking his Star Spangled Banter Comedy Tour across the country. He will be in San Antonio, Texas on Friday, October 6, 2017, at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre.