Study Reveals Most Popular Halloween Candy by State

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Every year, candy makers and big-box stores get their wares out in front of shoppers well in advance of Halloween. That’s because the number of people who have a favorite type of candy to give out to trick-or-treaters generally tend to want to stock up in advance. If, like us, you also have a penchant for snacking on said candy in advance of the big night, you’ll also know that you need extra to actually give out. That’s why Bid-On-Equipment recently released its study entitled “The Most Popular Halloween Candy in Every State.” This way, those that manufacture candy and those who sell it can bulk up on what’s needed most in their neck of the woods. The selections might surprise you.

The study measured not only the most popular candy by state, but it also covered such details as best candy option by major city, the ideal hours for trick-or-treating, what age most believe to be too old to trick-or-treat, what the average household spends on candy, and whether Halloween should be moved to a Saturday!

Study Reveals Most Popular Halloween Candy by State

Photo: Facebook: M&M’s USA

Bid-On-Equipment analyzed the best candy selections from the Halloweens of the past and worked with respondents using the Google AdWords platform. 100 different types of candy were reviewed by purchase from September to October 2018, and this was by state as well as 20 of the largest markets throughout the country. The full study results can be read at the link available here, but to cut to the quick, Texas had a fondness for M&M’s! (Are you surprised?). The map image provided with the study obviously gave the Lone Star State’s selection away in advance of reading the details, but the components with respect to age for trick-or-treating, times, and the amount of money spent on Halloween candy in an average year may have you thinking twice about your beliefs.