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Port Isabel, Texas, By the Sea: Explore and Play All Day

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One of the oldest Texas coastal towns is Port Isabel, established as a town after the Mexican War of Independence. In its heyday, Port Isabel became a significant cotton-exporting port prior to the American Civil War, and the town, the harbor, and even the lighthouse were all fought over and changed hands during the Civil War.

Amazing Water Tourism and Attractions

Port Isabel, Texas, By the Sea: Explore And Play All Day!

Photo: Facebook/Port Isabel Texas

This coastal locale in Texas has seen its share of weather woes as well. In both 1967 and 2008, hurricanes Beulah and Dolly respectively bashed up against Port Isabel hard, leaving extensive damage in their wakes. They have since recovered, however, and this stalwart city which is home to the Texas International Fishing Tournament is also home to booming water tourism. Situated on Laguna Madre Bay, Port Isabel is a hotbed for not only fishing but also great parasailing, boating tours, kayaking, not to mention dolphin watching! The Port Isabel Chamber of Commerce provides a handy website for city details, a link for which is provided here.

Port Isabel Lighthouse – Popular and Historically Significant

Port Isabel, Texas, By the Sea: Explore And Play All Day!

Photo: Facebook/Port Isabel Texas

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the town is the Port Isabel Lighthouse, which was constructed in 1853 and held extreme significance as an observation post for both sides during the Civil War. Now considered an integral component of the water tourism at Port Isabel (and the only one left in Texas that you can still climb), the lighthouse is just one of the many draws to this popular and beautiful Texas town. With amazing views and convenient beach access, Port Isabel is a Gulf Coast treasure if there ever was one.



Port Isabel Lighthouse