Porterhouse for Two? Date Night Will Never be the Same!

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If February has you wondering where the fizzle has gone in your love life, look no further than a Tuscan-style porterhouse for two. That’s right. If a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then that’s also true for a woman. What?! Women can’t have a hearty appetite? If you’re from Texas, you’d know that’s a lie. So, tell your honey you’re having a date night at home, and get thee to a grocery store (or butcher, perhaps). Either way, you’re going to want to try this recipe for a porterhouse steak. It’s going to impress the socks off your sweetheart… and maybe even some other articles of clothing, while you’re at it!

Finding a porterhouse that serves two isn’t difficult (except in instances where you and your lover are meat-lovers… then it might be a battle for the ages). But this recipe makes each beef morsel a mouth-watering treat you’re going to want to savor, so it’s quite possible you’ll get your fill and then some. Shared on an olive ranch website (because of its use of delicious and healthy, olive oil), this recipe features great ingredients of high quality which can be easily sourced right here in Texas. Heck, the Texas Hill Country is famed for some of its own olive oil companies, never mind the copious amounts of tasty beef this state produces! The rest of the ingredients can be found at your local H-E-B, Wholefoods, or wherever you proudly purchase your food items. And, without a doubt, this will help you concoct a dinner worthy of praise (and perhaps a kiss, or two).


Porterhouse for Two? Date Night Will Never be the Same!

Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Porterhouse steak

Olive oil

Balsamic vinegar



California Olive Ranch has the full ingredient listing, all measurements, and cooking instructions available on their website. As far as cooking accomplishments go, the making of a great porterhouse steak is something you can be proud of. And making it for a loved one is a romance success every Texan should aspire to! With great-quality ingredients and time to turn up the heat, you have a recipe for a date night that will go down in history!