Possible Child Abduction Caught on Tape in Houston

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This week, Florence Monauer was shopping at the H Mart in Bellaire with her 14-month-old child sitting in the cart right next to her. While she picked out a product, the infant was barely out of her line of sight, but a strange man took the opportunity to walk by and pick the baby up. ABC 13 obtained the video from the surveillance cameras at the store and reported the incident.

Monauer noticed that her child was being disrupted when the blanket covering the safety belt and lap of the child prevented him from quickly grabbing the infant. She stated that he didn’t say anything to her as she took her baby back. Though, very chillingly, she told ABC 13 that he spoke to the child and said,  “If your mom wasn’t here, I would take you.” The man hasn’t been identified yet.

The Polly Klaas Foundation says that only one in 100 children is abducted by a total stranger. Usually, children are taken by people they know or family members. Even though this situation is very rare, it does happen. This might be one of those incidents and it was fortunately stopped by a safety belt.