Post-Turkey Trots: Take a Good Thanksgiving Hike in Texas

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After the meal has been had and the bad jokes have all been told, what will your family be doing post-turkey this Thanksgiving? Will you be taking a late-day snooze on the couch while watching a parade or some football? Or will you be looking to get outdoors in order to avoid atrophy? Many families have their own holiday traditions, but let’s talk about new traditions. It may sound like an oxymoron, but every tradition had to start somewhere. We weren’t born knowing that turkey was always going to be enjoyed in November every year. We didn’t just know that cranberry sauce would pair well with it (I’m still iffy on this one,) and some of us weren’t even born to cook – that’s where friends and family come in. If you’re looking to start a new annual tradition following your festive Thanksgiving feast, why not consider getting out into the great Texas outdoors for a trot in our very own beautiful backyards? The weather is such that we no longer need to guard ourselves against the sun, and some of us barely need to put on a sweater to shield us from cool fall temperatures! Here are just a few great places to take a good Thanksgiving hike in Texas.

1. Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve

Post-Turkey Trots: Take a Good Thanksgiving Hike in Texas

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Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve is located in the Texas Hill Country in Westlake Hills. Founded in 1974 and situated just west of the city of Austin, the preserve maintains 2.5 miles of hiking trails among its 227 acres of native Texas habitat.

2. Crockett Gardens and Falls 

Post-Turkey Trots: Take a Good Thanksgiving Hike in Texas

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Part of a trail system around Lake Georgetown, the hike to Crockett Gardens and Falls is relatively easy. It winds its way through some dense woods before hikers make their way onto bluffs that overlook the lake, and then circles around a stream to reach its namesake vantage point.

3. Lost Maples State Natural Area

Post-Turkey Trots: Take a Good Thanksgiving Hike in Texas

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Located northwest of San Antonio, Lost Maples State Natural Area has intense fall beauty, but is a wonderful place to take a hike at any time of year. Situated along the Sabinal River, the trail system here offers scenic landscape including steep canyons, picturesque foliage, and unique Texas habitats. It boasts 10 miles worth of trails, not to mention a loop that takes hikers along the top of a cliff measuring 2,200 feet in height!