These ‘Mocha Technique’ Pottery Videos are Absolutely Mesmerizing

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Tony Maples Photography


YouTube user Kevin Kowalski posts short, hypnotizing pottery videos. He takes a plain glazed pot and dots or drizzles a colored acidic solution on top. Suddenly, plant-like organic patterns zoom across the surface of the pot. This method is referred to as the “mocha technique.”

It’s an incredible process that is so captivatingly beautiful, you won’t be able to look away. He demonstrates how differently the patterns come out when the watery solution is applied in large and small amounts and with layers of colors.

The design spreads so quickly that you’ll find yourself replaying the videos to see the feather-like patterns form again and again. Yet, the artist is able to control the patterns just enough to make the work intentional and thoughtful.

On Kowalski’s website he says, “I love the representation of feathers, trees, and cacti that are the result of the intentional application. But also the spontaneity and somewhat unpredictable reactions keep me coming back for more experimentation.” You can read more about the process and even shop for some of his creations here.