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Power Surge: Six Flags Fiesta Texas Retiring Classic Boat Ride

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On Sunday, July 23, the Power Surge boat ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas takes its last splash down the rapids after 25 years of theme park fun. Opening at the park in 1992, it provided over two decades of cool-down fun for families and friends, and although it’s being retired, it’s not due to technical issues.

In an interview with My San Antonio, communications manager for Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Sydne Purvis, stated, “It’s been here since park opening. From time to time, we do retire attractions.” Taking approximately 12 riders per trip, fans of the boat ride travel along a water channel towards a slow incline, followed by a plunge at 50 feet which thrusts riders into a giant splash at 36 miles per hour. The monstrous wave that results is approximately 20 feet in height and splashes over a pedestrian bridge and the group of spectators that are waiting to be cooled off.

Power Surge: Six Flags Fiesta Texas Retiring Classic Boat Ride

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Featured in “Blank Check,” a 1994 movie made by Disney, Preston Waters (the main character,) stands on the bridge and experiences its climactic splash, soaking him through to the skin. It’s presently unknown what will replace this ride upon retirement, however, the park regularly introduces new attractions to keep guests guessing and having fun, and we’re sure the next one won’t disappoint!



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