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Are You The Preacher Man? The Adventures of a Bible Salesman

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“Sir, I just sell Bibles,” I replied.

“Can you read?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” I said.

“Please follow me,” he responded.

As we approached, the crowd parted. Young boys peeked from behind the older men. At the porch, which was filled with women and girls, a lady greeted me. “I am Big Mama’s daughter. She is sick and sent for you.”

Walking through the front door and into the house, I saw three rooms that appeared filled with ladies. The small front room had some cane backed chairs, an old sofa, and small coffee tables. The second room was the kitchen. There was a small table with four chairs, a wood stove with wood stacked nearby, and cupboards across the back wall. The last room was a bedroom with a large bed. A coal oil lamp glowed from each end of the headboard.

Are You The Preacher Man? The Adventures of a Bible Salesman


The lady took my hand and led me to the head of the bed. A small, frail, white-haired lady rested her head on a large pillow. She was asleep.

“Big Mama, I brought the Preacher Man.”

“Big Mama is blind,” whispered the lady.

The little lady opened her eyes, smiled, and asked, “Are you the Preacher Man?”

“Uh, yes, Ma’am.”

“Come over and let me hold your hand.”

I moved closer as she took my hand.

“Why, you are a white boy,” she proclaimed. “Baby, it don’t matter what color you are. God loves people, not color.”

She asked me if I had a Bible. I said I did.

“Read to me the words of the Lord Jesus,” she asked.

Are You The Preacher Man? The Adventures of a Bible Salesman


For the next hour, I read the Bible to her. Many times she knew the scripture by heart.

Singing could be heard from out front. The women shouted words of encouragement and praise.

Big Mama went to sleep holding my hand.

As I left through the front door, the singing stopped. Again the crowd parted. Men removed their hats as I passed through the crowd, patting me on the shoulder. Women took my hand. There were tears in their eyes.

As I cleared the crowd, a lady handed me a tow sack. It was quite heavy. A group of children took me back to the dirt road. Then they escorted me until we got to the paved road.