Two Preschoolers Steal Mom’s Car to Go Visit Grandma

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It’s nice when grandchildren want to visit their grandmother, but these two preschoolers took their desire to visit grandma way too far. Police in Washington report that a five and three-year-old jumped into their mother’s car, somehow managed to start it and began driving down the road.

Of course, neither one of the children could reach the pedals, much less see clearly out of the vehicle. They T-boned another car as soon as they entered a nearby intersection. The children were not injured, though the driver of the car they hit suffered cuts and bruises.

Even though the accident could have been far worse, it was still very jarring and scary. Neighbor Annemarie Warren told KOMO-TV, “(It sounded) like an explosion went off — something, we really don’t know. So I ran out and I saw it…I held the kids both in their hands and I said, ‘where’s your mom?’ (They said,) ‘sleeping. I want to go to my grandma’s house.’ I was waiting for the mother to come out, too, you know?”

The Federal Way Police Department was shocked about the incident and posted photos of it on their Facebook. ABC 13 reports that there is no information about if the parents could face charges for the incident.