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Preserving the Astrodome in a Unique Way [WATCH]

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There has been some debate over what should be done with the Astrodome in Harris County, Texas. Harris County’s plan is to raise the floor and create a space for an indoor park, space for larger events, and 1,400 parking spots. However, two architects feel this is a poor plan for the preservation of Houston’s beloved Astrodome.

Architects James Richards and Ben Olschner have proposed a unique idea for a “dome park” that will turn the Astrodome and its surrounding space into a 40-acre outdoor park with an underground parking structure. Richards and Olschner wish to strip the Astrodome down to its skeleton and add ramps to the structure so that people can walk, jog and bike on its roof. It would be a completely open concept that would offer green space, which the architects are hoping will bring the same economic success as the Discovery Green in downtown Houston. “We want to celebrate the structure by stripping it of its skin and making it something that can contribute to the area’s health, economy and culture,” Richards told the Houston Chronicle.

Not everyone is on board with Richards and Olschner’s concept. While most agree that it is a fun and creative idea, the financial plan is a bit lacking. The concept for the conversion of the Astrodome to an outdoor park would cost roughly $180 million dollars, which would come from the same private-public partnership used by Discovery Green.

What do you think about this bold concept of transforming the Astrodome into an outdoor dome park? Is there anything you would do different? Check out this Facebook video posted by the Houston Chronicle about the new proposal.