‘Pretty Pink Tractor’ is a Countrified Hilarious Hit

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Tony Maples Photography


Christian comedian, singer, and songwriter, Tim Hawkins, has done it again with his hilarious video for the parody song, “Pretty Pink Tractor”! Hawkins’ standard material wins crowds over including jokes about marriage, parenting, and homeschooling, but the gold-medal laughs come from his vocal stylings and jokes galore in parody songs he derives from current country music hits.

In this parody music video upload, he goes one step further by including almost every country fan’s stereotypical interests, from line dancing to “redneck rapping” to, of course, a pretty, pink tractor!

With all the visual, “countrified” stimulation, someone’s bound to want to paint their John Deere pink, don’t you think? Either way, Hawkins pulls another one off seamlessly, and leaves his listeners laughing at him, and maybe a little bit at themselves, in this super-funny and fun country song parody.