So Pretty in Pink Moscato Wine Cocktail

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Hey wine lovers, the weekend is upon us, the weather is great, so what a better way to spend some time with family and friends enjoying a tasty wine treat. This cocktail combines the the taste of Pink Moscato, cherries, strawberries and mint. It’s easy to make and great to enjoy!  Enjoy this cocktail with your favorite dish.

Pretty in Pink Wine Cocktail

Pretty in Pink Cocktail


12 ounces Gallo Family Pink Moscato

2 ounces cherry brandy

½ cup chopped and pitted cherries

4-6 strawberries, sliced (more for garnish)

2 stems of fresh mint leaves


(Makes two servings) Add ¼ cup cherries to bottom of each 8 ounce glass. Pour six ounces of Gallo Family Pink Moscato wine into two glasses followed by one ounce cherry brandy. Divide the fresh cut strawberries into both glasses and add a mint leaf to each glass. Garnish with a strawberry on the side of glass if desired. Chill and enjoy!

Recipe from My San Francisco Kitchen