Way Too Pretty for Prison: Lambert & Morris Know Our Mood

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Miranda Lambert said that the song “Way Too Pretty for Prison” was co-written by her and a group called the Love Junkies (consisting of Lori McKenna, Liz Rose, and Hillary Lindsey). It’s fast become an anthem for women everywhere who know they’re better than stooping to that languishingly low level. Ultimately, it’s vengeance put eloquently to music, and it’s a mood.

The Texas native further noted to Rolling Stone, “It kind of called for a duet. I remember saying when we were writing it, ‘Maren would be awesome on this.’ I sent it to her and she was in. It’s just one of those girl anthems.” Of course, Lambert was referring to fellow Texan, Maren Morris, who’s recent rise to stardom hasn’t surprised her Lone Star State fans but has taken the country music industry by storm. Lambert paired up with Morris in this powerfully devilish dirge about revenge on a cheating partner. The audio for “Way Too Pretty for Prison,” was released on August 26, 2019 on the official Miranda Lambert YouTube channel and has been listened to by more than 400K fans. In the mood for some heartfelt retribution? Hear it below, now.

Video: YouTube/Miranda Lambert

Listed as the fourth track on Lambert’s upcoming album “Wildcard,” “Way Too Pretty for Prison” has this Lone Star State duo mimicking thoughts of “Thelma & Louise,” but not exactly following through. Because we all know the consequences far outweigh the short-lived spark of joy one would get from the revenge role. “He cheated, he’s a villain, and you know I’d help you kill him,” Lambert sings. Morris comes up with ways and means that every woman would likely fantasize about, if their heart was hurting enough: “Antifreeze in Gatorade, arsenic in his lemonade,” she quips. On previous occasions, Lambert told Rolling Stone of being a fan of Morris’ work, noting, “I remember listening to her EP before it came out. She sent it to me and I remember just texting her and going, ‘You’re the next one. This is great, and you’re great. She just is who she is, she doesn’t apologize for it, and she’s an amazing singer.” The “Wildcard” album on which “Way Too Pretty for Prison” is being released will come out on November 1, 2019. This marries nicely with the Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour which was launched this month, featuring the dynamic Texas duo and the Pistol Annies in opening acts!