Anticipate a Price Drop in Plane Tickets After the Holidays

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Many people need to board a plane around the holidays in November and December to visit family, and others feel the need to get out and take a trip to relieve some end-of-the-year stress or search out warmer weather. But those who don’t have to travel will be better off waiting until January, says

They say that in October, flights in the U.S. average about $214, during the holidays that price jumps up to $338, and as soon as January hits, it falls right back down like clockwork. This should give those with an itch to travel some time to plan the perfect trip for right when the prices drop. Then they can snatch up a deal while everyone else has to endure the crowded and confusing airports. gathered their information from the travel app called Hopper. This useful app is available in the Google Play and Apple stores for free. Once users sign up, they can receive up to date information on the cost of flights from different airlines and even receive updates on when Hopper believes the lowest rates will come up for a particular trip. It’s a must-have app for those with wanderlust!