Gas Prices Lowered to 78 Cents During Houston ‘Gas War’

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On the south side of Houston at Old Spanish Trail off of 288, gas stations Johnny Quick and Texaco engaged in a gas war where customers felt like the victors. ABC 13 says that on Sunday morning, Johnny Quick began changing their prices in response to Texaco’s lowering numbers.

WCSH6 writes that the lowest prices were reached when Johnny Quick hit 78 cents and Texaco remained at 79 cents. “Never in my life time have I seen has this cheap. Filled up for $6,” Instagram user beach_bomber_tx posted alongside a photo of the sign that looks like someone put up the wrong numbers or perhaps an additional number fell off the board.

Those with enough patience lined up at both of the gas stations and hung out until they could reach the pump. Car owners were watching in awe as they filled up for less than $11 for an entire tank of gas! It was a thrill for the savings, and it was exciting just to witness the novelty of such a low price flash across the gas pump computer screen.

Unfortunately, the battle of low prices is over now, so only those who waited in long lines on Sunday can tell the tale of the cheap gas war.