Prince’s Death – Why It’s Personal to His Fans

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Prince Rogers Nelson was found dead on Thursday, April 21, 2016. He was 57 years old. His fans immediately had a visceral reaction to the news. It was met with disbelief, anger, sorrow, and most importantly, remembrance. Prince was not a mainstream artist. He was innovative, prolific, stylish, iconic, androgynous, odd, brilliant, talented and multifaceted. He was also very private. He wanted to remembered for “the music”.

To Prince fans, his death is personal. His music was injected into their lives in ways and at times that changed them. Every “Princeophile” has at least one song they call their song. Each song is attached to a memory. The social media outlets are teeming with people of all ages sharing their most treasured lyrics and memories. Happy or sad, upbeat or melancholy…he had the ability to pierce hearts with his music. His music reached the places that were purposely buried in an attempt at self-preservation.

Once unearthed the memory was forever imprinted to its healing lyrics. Let’s Go Crazy and 1999 were, and will continue to be, anthems that transcend generations – whether you were born before 1999 or not. In the United States and around the world tonight, there will be thousands of “Princeaholics” sitting in front of their televisions watching Purple Rain (many reciting their favorite lines) through tear-stained faces. The pain and loss will not consume his fans but will ultimately cleanse, fortify, and unite them.

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These lyrics from Under the Cherry Moon are very prophetic and moving…

How can I stand to stay where I am?
Poor butterfly who don’t understand
Why can’t I fly away in a special sky?
If I don’t find my destiny soon
I’ll die in your arms under the cherry moon
I want to live life to the ultimate high
Maybe I’ll die young like heroes die

Donning Raspberry Berets, your fans bid you a final adieu, Prince.