Private Texas School Makes National Anthem Requirements

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The Brook Hill School is a private Christian school in East Texas that recently made headlines for making clear rules for how their students should act during the singing of the national anthem at sports events. Since several professional athletes have been silently protesting by kneeling during the tradition, and The Brook Hill School wants to ensure that doesn’t happen with their athletes.

According to NewsWest9, athletic director Wally Dawkins sent an email out to parents that listed the following actions that must be followed or the athlete would be ejected from the activity:

“1. Athletes are to stand and face the flag with eyes on the flag.

2. The right hand is to be placed over the heart (International students are not required to place their hand over the heart, but may do so).

3. Athletes are to remain in this posture from the beginning of the playing of the National Anthem until the song’s end.

4. Male athletes are to remove any type of head covering.

Athletes who exhibit any outward display other than what is listed above in an attempt to show disrespect, or promote a personal agenda during the playing of our National Anthem will be removed from the sideline, not permitted to participate in the contest, and face possible disciplinary action from The Brook Hill School.”

The school’s campus is also home to the American History Museum, so they aim to emphasize their respect of American symbolism. Some may argue that the rules impede on the student’s freedom of choice and protest, but according to Dawkins, he has received nothing by support from students, colleagues, and fellow instructors.