Watch the Process of Making These Beautiful Floral Gelatin Cakes

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In a new, soothing video by Super Deluxe, viewers are treated to a view of the pretty process of making floral gelatin cakes. First, clear gelatin is poured into a dome-shaped mold, then a portion of the middle of the gelatinous form is scooped out to make way for an inner design. Accessing the dome through the newly made hole, the cake artist can insert special tools to deposit color for the leaves and petals of beautiful flowers.

It’s a time-consuming process that looks almost medical with the precision it takes to maneuver the tools in the form. But the end result is without a doubt a work of art, although it’s very temporary once someone could dig into the unusual dessert!

Super Deluxe linked to the Facebook page called Art De Gelatin where they learned about this process. On their About page they say, “Art De Gelatin offers classes to those who wish to master the art of making edible glass like creations using gelatin. The 3-4 hour class covers Wine and Flowers while the 4-5 hour class covers Fruits. The 8 hour class includes Wine glasses, Fruit pies, Flowers…Students can learn how to transform simple ingredients into 3 dimensional master pieces.” If you want to try it for yourself, check out their tools available online.

The video from Super Deluxe can be seen here. Watch a more extensive video below for an in-depth look at how to make gelatin flowers.