The Procrastinator’s Gift Guide: Men’s Edition

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Did you forget to get someone close to you a gift for Christmas? Did you wait too long and now the thing you really wanted is no longer available? Did you procrastinate and flat-out drop the ball and get something pretty awful for your guy this Christmas? Rather than scrambling to fix it, take a look at these amazing Christmas gifts for your Texas man, based on what kind of guy he is, he’ll be glad you did.

1. Rustic Creative Types

Qualifications: This guy is possibly disorganized, musical, or creative, but with a Texas twang and hands rougher than most. Be careful they could be hiding under the skin of a businessman, farmer or some other more “normal” persona.

The great expanse of Texas provides creatives many outlets to explore their more inspired side, but often “normal life” gets in the way, and those interests fall to the wayside. Give your creative guy an outlet with an art – knife making or metal design class or experience.

Jack Sanders, founder of the Design Build Adventure in Austin, says these types of classes or getaways are perfect for wide range of people, “this is good for many types of people who have a hunch they might have a creative streak, but their guidance counselors may have told them to go into business instead.”

Sanders’ offers classes where visitors learn how to create using metal, often using scraps or leftovers. If metal isn’t your guy’s “thing”, there are many other classes as well for other creative types. This late in the game it is difficult to get something to wrap and put under the tree, but in this case, you don’t have to. An added benefit is both men and women can attend classes as well, so if you’re buying for a significant other, make it into a date and spend the time together. Win-Win.

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