Professional Cuddler Sees Increase in Clients During Holidays

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Professional cuddling has become a somewhat popular wellness practice in the past few years. Those who seek cuddling services crave (nonsexual) human touch to feel reconnected and safe, and this time of year, the need for connection increases.

“Our society is touch-starved. I come from a background where I’ve done a lot of care-giving but not really taken care of myself,” Josh Herchenroeder told KHOU before his session with professional cuddler Kristi with Grateful Day Massage in Austin. During the session, Kristi will cradle, hug and talk to Herchenroeder who has already been pre-screened. Everything will remain platonic and comfortable for both parties.

There is training for proper cuddling. The New York Times explains, “For $79, practitioners who sign up for Cuddlist, for example, receive about 10 hours of training. Once trained, pro cuddlers promise a physical and psychic salve through spooning, arm tickling and deep embraces.”

KHOU explains that cuddling can release oxytocin into the brain, which can relieve anxiety, sadness, and hostility. For those who feel an increase in stress during the holidays, it might be what they need to reach a sense of calm.

“I really want to make an impact on this city and make people feel happier and loved and accepted,” Kristi told the news.