Men Facing Charges for Pushing Over 18 Million Year Old Rock Formation

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The “Duckbill” is a unique and photo-worthy rock formation in Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area in northwest Oregon. Or rather, it was a recognizable rock formation. Now, the natural wonder that once looked like a duck’s head has tumbled over after it was pushed by a group of trespassers.

Since Duckbill was thought to be around 18-million-years old, it was protected by a barrier in the park. It’s also located in a potentially dangerous section of the rocky beach. Of course, that didn’t stop a group of people from knocking Duckbill to the ground and cheering once they destroyed the ancient natural sculpture.

The wrongdoers were caught on camera by David Kalas who was nearby testing out his new drone. According to, the group told him that they wanted to destroy the formation because a friend of theirs had hurt their leg after jumping off of it.

Those involved in the act face a fine and charges, and they’ve greatly disappointed locals and tourists who appreciated Duckbill.

Inside Edition featured Kalas’s video of the incident. Warning: This video may induce anger for senseless destructive acts that ruined a part of America’s natural history.