Put Willie’s Card Trick up Your Sleeve! [VIDEO]

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Put Willie’s Card Trick up Your Sleeve!

Texas’s legendary musician Willie Nelson shows his sister and bandmate Bobbie a classic card trick using the story of a poor, but slick porter. 81-year old Nelson, is as popular as ever, and has decided to create his own YouTube channel to show off some of his favorite card tricks.

At the beginning of the card trick “story,” Willie slowly counts out the 52 in a deck. He begins the story talking about a rich man and a porter, who end up in a hotel playing poker.

The porter, which is the three of Spades, just keeps on making the money after he brings the rich man whatever it is he asks for – women, waiters, etc. Of course, throughout the story, Willie has his guest cut the deck to ensure all fairness and to add suspense.

It’s a simple video showing a great card trick, and it proves once again, that Willie Nelson is as charming as always. There’s a reason everyone loves him. So, learn the card trick and charm your friends!