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Be Quiet—Listen: A Texan’s Poetic Words of Light Amid the Darkness

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Sometimes the world is confusing to me. Noise, movement, and sounds swirl around like once painted horses on an abandoned carousel.

Most days offer little pause, leaving me breathless and unfulfilled. At the end of the day, the pile of uncompleted tasks has grown to what appears insurmountable. The days of tomorrow bring little reprieve from the all-spiraling projects that need to be completed. Day planners are filled with events to attend as well as people to see and be seen by.

Mentally, over a period of time, a large cavern has developed, filled with the raiment of fatigue as discomfort like thawing stalagmites drip into the bottomless pit of indecision.

Be Quiet—Listen: A Texan's Poetic Words of Light Amid the Darkness

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As a young man, I wanted to conquer the world as dreams of fame washed through the alerted mind. After years of challenge, with many marked failures, priorities have changed and the domain of reflection and its twin sister called realization have finally pounded me toward enlightenment.

Success is relative. Happiness is developed and nurtured from within. It is I and I alone who controls my destiny. Things that are bad, people that are not edifying should be discarded and thrown into the brier of past mistakes.

Who you know shouldn’t be as important as how much you know about yourself.

Friendships need to be cultivated and tempered with the fire-tools of companionship, with caring the most welcomed into the dark corridors of absence.

Be Quiet—Listen: A Texan's Poetic Words of Light Amid the Darkness

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The road I once traveled has become a toll too high to pay. Recognition and prestige are not the equivalent to good friends and good health. Laughter at oneself outweighs praise with acclaim and notoriety takes a back seat to honor and truth.

Sometimes in an attempt to reconcile in my own mind certain feelings and expressions I try to write verses that to me are more expressive. I beg your indulgence, and should you find some merit, that would be most pleasing. If not, then I extend my apologies. But sometime ago, I started writing about what pleases me, and quit worrying about what others might think.

Be Quiet—Listen: A Texan's Poetic Words of Light Amid the Darkness

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The sun streaks red across the molten chrome sky.

Galleon clouds partner to chase darkness away,

helping to hold back the jaded night.


The musical sound of tree laughter

can be heard in the feather leaves,

as ballerina breeze provides strong

and sheltered shouldering

spiked with scent of pine.


Mountain sorcerer purges the electrified air

with cabaret spume.

White light escapes the heavy footsteps of quiet.

Allowing genetic ghosts to silently mount the passage,

which leads to unknown crystal caverns.


Wherein lies the affirmation of life,

an existence known only to pure self.


Somewhere beyond the reaches of known eternity,

a vapor trail of warmth proceeds

to the realization of seated truth.


You have to believe before you see.

Unfortunately, we pay attention to the light

only when it is covered by the dark.


Durhl Caussey is a syndicated columnist who may be reached at this outlet or at [email protected].