Raccoons Reenact a Scene from ‘The Walking Dead’

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Since the season premiere of “The Walking Dead” recently shocked viewers with a particularly brutal episode where two of the major characters met a violent death, it’s probably time for a bit of lightness regarding the franchise. Luckily, these raccoons grabbing dog food from underneath a porch are here for some zombie-like comic relief.

The video called “Porch Hands” was uploaded to LiveLeak a day ago from Russia. It shows a woman feeding a family of raccoons living under her wooden porch while a man can’t help but laugh along while filming the scene. The raccoons’ little human-like hands look like the grayed hands of the “walkers” from “The Walking Dead,” reaching out for a meal from behind a fence. points out that when watching the video, you can’t help but wonder how many times this scenario has played out. It looks like the raccoons know exactly what to do. Even though the woman could easily pour the food down through the spaces between the planks, we’re glad she discovered this hilarious, if not slightly disturbing sight. Now, wasn’t that a nice break from the ruthlessness of “The Walking Dead?”