Rainbow Trout are Currently Being Stocked in Texas Lakes

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Tony Maples Photography


If fishing is a pastime you and your family like to engage in around the Thanksgiving holiday, you’ll be happy to know that KENS 5 recently reported that rainbow trout stocking has begun in Texas bodies of water. Tom Lang, TPWD inland fisheries biologist, stated, “This is a wonderful and unique opportunity that we provide for winter fishing. On those milder winter days, bring the family and friends out for a day of fun.”

These fish do not reproduce in the Lone Star State, and, for the most part, they couldn’t survive our summers, so they have to be restocked into community fishing areas. A lengthy list of locations, the total number of rainbow trout stocked, the date they were stocked, and the hatchery from which the fish came from is available on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website here.

TPWD also has a guide to catching the trout available here. They write that rainbow trout are “…not only fun to catch for the entire family; they are an attractive fish that make for excellent table fare.” The guide suggests using light tackle to avoid scaring the fish away and one can even use Velveeta or kernel corn as bait if they don’t want to deal with using nightcrawlers or crickets. And most importantly, remember to get there early and keep a “…courteous distance from fellow anglers.”