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Texan Finds Fish in Her Yard, Raining Down Alongside the Sleet

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During the winter storm in Fulshear, Texas out in Fort Bend County, residents of the Cross Creek Ranch subdivision noticed fish in their yards along with the sleet. As Click2Houston.com explains, the area was experiencing “sleeting fish”!

“The dog wouldn’t come back in, she was playing with a leaf, and we found out later it was a fish instead of leaves,” resident Dana Metz told the news. “I looked down and there it was laying there, three or four fish, and started walking around found about 15, found a few in the pool, so it was weird.”

This isn’t the first time the sky has rained fish. In fact, just last year in late September in Tampico, Mexico along the Gulf, little fish plopped down on the ground along with the rain. As Weather.com explains, scientists speculate that waterspouts pick up the fish. The creatures are thrown around in the air for a while before they come crashing down with the rain. It’s an incredibly unusual happening.

Dr. Randy Cerveny from Arizona State University wrote, “Observational evidence…of a waterspout lifting fish out of water and depositing them elsewhere date as early as 1889. Even today, the odd selectivity of fish falls remains a difficult aspect to explain scientifically.”