Dance Group Asks Random People to Take the Lead [WATCH]

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This month in Bryant Park in New York, the performance group Improv Everywhere set up a short stage with speakers, music, and a sign that read “Dance Captain Wanted.”

The goal was to see what would happen when people stepped up on the stage and realized that 100 dancers were waiting to take their dance instruction and copy their every move! Over the course of the project, the dancers and the instructors varied in age from 2 to 65, and skill level from basic moves to unmatchable.

On the Improv Everywhere website, project creator and director Charlie Todd wrote, “I’ve had this idea in my head for about 5 years, and it was really fun to finally realize it. Lately I’ve been particularly excited by concepts that allow random people on the street to take center stage…Of course once one person goes, the floodgates open and everyone wants their turn. After each dancer left the platform, a new one quickly hopped on.”

The video shows how successful the project was. It’s a simple concept that turns out to be heartwarming and fun. The dancers even copy the instructors when they wave to the crowd, which shows everyone’s willingness to be friendly and simply enjoy each other.