Rangers Employee Disrespected by Rude Fan Gains Support from Team

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When you take a look at Bill McMillen, you can’t imagine anyone doing him any harm or disrespecting him. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case at Arlington’s Globe Life Park where McMillen works as a gate guard during Rangers games.

On Saturday, McMillen asked a man who was taking a smoke break to move to the smoking section of the venue. The man poured his beer all over McMillen’s lower legs and shoes.

Sports fan Erin Smith noticed and tried to cheer McMillen up. She even took a picture with him, which she posted on her Facebook page along with a story about the kind man. McMillen told Smith it wasn’t an unusual occurrence for people to dump out the remainder of their expensive beers on his shoes. It often takes place when he has to tell people they can’t leave the venue with their drinks once the game is over.

After Smith’s Facebook post reached the right people, McMillen began receiving some kudos to make up for the ridiculously rude reactions. According to Fox 4, “Players Mitch Moreland and Ian Desmond, coaches Steve Buechele and Spike Owen and manager Jeff Banister all thanked McMillen for his sometimes thankless job.”

McMillen even got to throw out the first pitch with Smith before Monday’s Rangers game! Hopefully, the new exciting memories will make up for the less than happy ones. Smith told McMillen, “I think you’re America’s grandpa now.”