The Death Valley Super Bloom Will Make You Believe in Magic

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While the rest of the world may curse El Niño, Death Valley radiantly blooms from it, literally.

Death Valley is home to the hottest recorded temperature, reaching a peak of 201 degrees Fahrenheit in 1972. Naturally, it isn’t the most popular place for tourists to flock, but all of that is about to change in the coming weeks.

The rare Death Valley Super Bloom has begun and is expected to continue throughout the month of March, making the desert a sea of purples, yellow, and green flowers. The last time this occurred was in 2005, but this Super Bloom is predicted to be even more expansive and bright.

So what is the cause of this beautiful and awe-inspiring blooming? Well, El Niño. In last October alone, Death Valley “received 1.5 inches of rain, which is close to how much it usually receives in an entire year.” As a result, the dormant desert flower seeds were able to take root and mature through the following months.

The National Park Service expects the Death Valley Super Bloom to continue blooming for the next few weeks, where the peak viewing frame will literally show a spectacular view of the desert floor covered in purple and yellow flowers. If you can make it to Death Valley in this time frame, it is absolutely worth a trip.