Man Finds Rattlesnake With Two Heads in Arkansas

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Last Wednesday, a natural wonder was discovered outside of Forrest City in Arkansas. This incredibly rare rattlesnake has two heads and one complete body. Though the picture may look fake, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) confirms that it’s 100 percent real!

Arkansas Matters writes that Rodney Kelso, District Two Manager at Woodruff Electric, spotted the snake while out on the job. His friend, Mark Young, posted a photo of the oddity to his Facebook page that quickly caught everyone’s attention as they were scrolling through posts. Now, the rattler, named Deuce, has made national news.

“It does happen from time to time in nature,” Cody Walker, an education program specialist at Crowley’s Ridge Arkansas Game and Fish Nature Center, told Arkansas Online. “But usually they die from complications.” Walker plans on studying the snake to find out if it favors one head and only eats out of one, or the two heads could possibly fight over food even though they share one stomach.

Currently, the snake is living at the Crowley’s Ridge Arkansas Game and Fish Nature Center in Jonesboro where the public can drop by and take a look at its unusual form. Click here to see more photos of this incredible creature online.