Woman Finds Razor Blade Hidden On Walmart Shopping Cart

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Shoppers expect to find germs hiding all over a shopping cart handle, maybe even an impolitely placed wad of gum, but never would someone expect to find a razor blade.

KSAT reports that on Sunday, a Missouri woman found a razor blade shoved into the groove underneath the blue Walmart handle of the shopping cart she picked out. She was trying to clean it off with a disinfecting wipe when her hand was cut by the sharp, hidden blade.

“I jerked my hand away and looked at my finger, and then I looked at the handle. I couldn’t believe there was a razor blade. The first thing I thought of was what if it would have been a child in that seat,” Michelle Patterson told the news.

At first, the news speculated that it could have been left by someone using the blade to cut off price tags or open boxes to shoplift. But Fox News now reports that another blade was found by an employee in a similar spot on another cart at the same Walmart location. The discovery of the second blade seems to indicate that the blades were intentionally left.

Walmart is reviewing security camera footage, hoping to find some answers.