RC Car Completely Fascinates a Herd of Curious Cows

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The internet is full of hidden gems, and this video of cows curiously checking out a remote controlled car is one of them.

According to, “Cattle are extremely curious and inquisitive animals which will investigate everything,” and Frazer Leal’s 2015 video upload certainly shows that cows like to take a close look at anything odd in their environment.

As Texans, we see cows in fields outside of city centers pretty often, but usually, we’re zooming past them on the highway and only see them off in the distance. It’s easy to forget that these big, adorable creatures have much more going on in their brains than just the occasional “moo.” also claims that “Cattle get excited when they solve problems. When faced with a challenge of finding out how to open a door to reach food, their heartbeat went up, their brainwaves showed excitement, and some even jumped into the air.” It looks like this herd got quite a bit of brain stimulation from an RC car.

Some creatures seem to want to figure out everything about this little car’s prerogative while others just assume it’s time to be herded by this odd robot.