Musician Reagan Browne is ‘Still That Boy From Texas’

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Musician Reagan Browne has lived in Los Angeles for awhile now, but that isn’t where he’s from. He is very much “still that boy from Texas.” In fact, Browne grew up in Alice, Texas, a small town just west of Corpus Christi, before moving with his parents during his sophomore year in high school to Harper, Texas, just outside of Kerrville. The Texas Hill Country is where he returns to every time he visits his home state.

Reagan BrownePhoto: Robert John Photography courtesy of Reagan Brown

So, now that we know where Reagan Browne came from, who is he exactly? Browne is an up and coming Rock artist who just released his third album on May 6, 2016, called “Rhapsodic Roar”. From that album comes his new, and absolutely amazing, hit single “Still That Boy From Texas”. Watch Reagan Browne display his incredible talent in his recent music video below.

Browne has been in the music profession for 10 years, but his passion for music started at an early age. “I got into music because it had a extreme effect on me that seemed to go beyond what most kids had. My earliest music memories are not from nursery rhymes, but from hearing The Beatles and Beach Boys songs on 45 records that were left around at my Grandmother’s house”.

Though his passion for music was strong, Browne wasn’t always into singing. In fact, it wasn’t until his band members coaxed him into taking the microphone that he began his career as a vocalist. “[I] never sang because I was too shy. I finally got the nerve to step up to the microphone with the encouragement from band members when I was playing with a band around the Hollywood area, and it’s just taken off from there”, Browne stated to Texas Hill Country in an email.

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