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A Real Ale Celebration That’s Been 22 Years In the Making

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Laboring under the belief that minimal processing produces maximum flavor, the brewmasters at Real Ale have also maximized a stellar lineup of beer, elevating it to an unfiltered and unpasteurized masterpiece. That is why they’re now celebrating 22 years of doing so, here in the Texas Hill Country, and they’re inviting friends, fans, and cicerones to enjoy the fruits of their labor and the foundation of their time-honored brewing tradition.

A Real Ale Celebration That’s Been 22 Years In the Making

Photo: Facebook/Real Ale Brewing Company

Real Ale uses zero preservatives and no artificial colors. They sell beer with a complexity that’s been generated from a very non-complex process, complete with full body, aroma, and flavor. They care about making the highest quality beer possible for their fellow Texans, and that’s exactly what they’ll have on tap at their upcoming 22nd-anniversary celebration. Anticipating a guest list of 2,000 – 2,500, the Real Ale team will be pouring from their extensive beer list, featuring everything from their year-round favorites to the rare, limited offerings which are brewed on their brand new 10hl pilot system.

This event will also be the fans’ first chance to taste Real Ale’s 22nd Anniversary Beer, described as a refreshingly tart Berliner Weisse. Following the party, this anniversary beer will hit markets throughout Texas on draught and in 12-ounce cans, but only for a very limited time. In addition to beer, this year’s party will debut the first-ever Real Spirits cocktail bar, where connoisseurs can exchange an optional beer token for their choice of a gin or whiskey cocktail, made with Real Spirits, the brand’s one-year-old distillery. Each party-goer, 21 years of age or older, will receive four drink tokens when they purchase their entry ticket, granting them access to amazing flavor and one-of-a-kind tasting experiences!

A Real Ale Celebration That’s Been 22 Years In the Making
Photo: Tyler Malone/The Second Shooter

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