Real Snake On a Plane Falls From Overhead Bin

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Imagine you’re sitting at the window on an Aeromexico flight, casually flipping through a magazine, when suddenly a green snake catches your eye right above your head. This was a reality for some passengers on a flight yesterday.

The Today Show says that the plane was given priority to land as soon as possible at the nearest airport, which was their final destination, Mexico City. It was only about ten minutes before the plane was safely on the ground.

How did the snake end up anywhere near the overhead bin in the first place? Fox 13 says the airline stated, “The procedures carried out for this flight are currently being evaluated to determine how the animal entered the cabin and measures have been taken to avoid such incidents in the future.” It doesn’t appear that there’s an official reason as to how this happened yet.

A passenger posted a video below to Twitter after the incident. Unlike in the popular, over-the-top film “Snakes on a Plane,” the Aeromexico passengers seem rather calm about the whole situation, and Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t have to come to anyone’s rescue. Instead, Animal Control comes on board to snag the snake, a 3-foot-long venomous green viper!