The Rebirth of Medina Lake

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Medina Lake as of April 2016


Photo: Cathy Kozub

To every situation there is a side with a silver lining, and this historic flooding has a silver lining. The flooding was able to take Texas out of a four-year drought state. It was able to refill our aquifers and able to refill many of our depleting lakes, one being the Medina Lake. Heavy rainfall in May of 2015 filled Medina Lake to approximately 45% capacity from below five percent before the heavy rains. As of April 20, 2016, Medina Lake was at 62.9% capacity. Again, the flood of 2015 was able to make Medina Lake “reborn “ and again, it can be used for irrigation purposes and for people to enjoy for recreational purposes.

San Antonio Express-News

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