Parents Obtain Controversial World Record When 6-Month-Old Water-Skis

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Tony Maples Photography


Auburn Absher, a 6-month-old from North Carolina made headlines over the weekend for strapping on some water skis and becoming America’s youngest water skier.

Auburn’s dad, Rob, told that he began water-skiing at 4-years-old and can tell his son is having fun out on the water. The young skier rides the waves along the shore while his mom runs behind him. Auburn has custom trainer water skis and is always wearing a life jacket. He practiced at home standing up on the equipment before hitting the beach.

Of course, this has still raised quite a few eyebrows among parents who wonder if it is an unnecessary risk to take and endangers the child. “He’s perfectly fine,” Rob said. “He loves watching water ski videos [on TV]. We wanted to bring the joy of what we do to our son, but we didn’t plan on doing it this early.”

In a bizarre coincidence, on the same weekend but across the world in Australia, a 6-month-old baby who is a day younger than Auburn water-skied for the first time, too. If this is a new baby trend, it might be the strangest one yet.