10-Year-Old Boy Reels in Record Breaking Catch in East Dallas Area

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You can barely see 10-year-old Dylan Sorrells peeking out from behind his massive catch in a photo his dad took in Lake Tawakoni in Texas. The boy is holding up a 54-pound catfish, which WFAA says is “a new world record by six pounds” for his age.

The big catfish wasn’t even Dylan’s first incredible catch. When he was only 8-years-old, he managed to catch a 90-pound alligator gar, and only a few months prior to the 54-pound catfish, he snagged a different giant catfish. Unfortunately, Dylan and his dad didn’t properly record those catches, so they were not able to officially claim the victories.

Thankfully, when Dylan snagged the 54-pounder, the pair was prepared. “I bought the right scale, everything I needed for a kit. Anytime I take him fishing, I’m going to be prepared to see if it happens again,” Chris Sorrells told the news.

Needless to say, Dylan Sorrells is thrilled he was able to catch yet another huge fish and receive the proper credit. “I’ll probably remember it ’till I’m an old man,” he said to WFAA. “I learned if you keep trying, you can reach it.”