Houstonians Will Be Able to Recycle Glass and Plastic Bags Next Year

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Major cities in Texas have very different ways of recycling and assorted lists of what can and can’t be thrown into one’s personal recycling bin. It might surprise Central Texans to know that Houstonians are currently unable to recycle glass and plastic bags at their curbside, but that’s going to change soon. According to Houstonia Mag, the City of Houston will have a 15-year contract with FCC SA, so Houstonians can put more recyclable products into their green bins. Unfortunately, it will take about 14 months before residents can casually throw in glass and plastic bags into their bins since the northeast Houston processing plant still needs to be constructed.

“The contract with FCC saves the taxpayers millions of dollars in recycling costs to the city. It expands the kinds of materials our Solid Waste Department will collect from curbsides once a week. It provides state-of-the-art technology that will be updated as we go along…It’s a win for Houstonians and the environment,” Mayor Sylvester Turner said.

According to, program director for the advocacy group Texas Campaign for the Environment Rosanne Barone says that the city is moving in the right direction and the next step would be to add more materials to the “able to be recycled” list.