Red 55 Winery: Expanding Their Texas Availability, Taste, & Appeal

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You can find the wares of Red 55 Winery throughout the state of Texas as well as in Lindale where, most definitely, you’ll find it at The Pink Pistol – the store which is owned by the parents of country music sensation Miranda Lambert. Born in Longview, Rick and Beverly Lambert raised Miranda in Lindale, supporting her desire to become a country music singer and songwriter, which she promptly did at the age of 22 when her debut album “Kerosene” went platinum. Twelve years later, we’re still seeing the makings of success together with her parents’ continued support as it shines through in Red 55’s recent roll out into Buc-ee’s stores in Texas, as announced by the winery itself on social media.

Red 55 Winery: Expanding Their Texas Availability, Taste, & Appeal

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For those of you who aren’t familiar (ahem…where have you been?!), Miranda Lambert has rocketed to stardom in the country music genre, producing legendary number ones, opening for the great George Strait, and headlining her own tours and shows along the way. Red 55 Winery was introduced as a part of the Miranda Lambert Store back in 2006 and is proudly owned and operated by her parents, with the support of local staff.

Red 55 Winery: Expanding Their Texas Availability, Taste, & Appeal

Photo: Facebook/Miranda Lambert

Named for her great-grandmother, Lucy Miranda, Lambert brings a quality and passion to the stage that her parents wanted to mirror in the winery offerings. It’s been noted on Miranda’s website that their understanding of wines is well within reason, citing: “Just like wine, the music industry offers no overnight sensations. Many years of hard work go into the product the public ultimately experiences. For that reason, we have partnered with the family of Lou Viney Vineyards to bottle wines worthy to put Miranda’s name on.” A partnership such as this, with a reputable, family-owned vineyard, can only produce a great product.

Red 55 Winery: Expanding Their Texas Availability, Taste, & Appeal

Photo: Facebook/Red 55 Winery

Each of the wines offered under the label is named for Miranda’s songs or influences, and they’re quite unique. Electric Pink white zinfandel, as well as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend sweet white, aren’t exactly forgettable table wines you’d bring to a book club. What they are amounts to a tasting experience in Texas wine that exudes the effort, time, and thirst for excellence that goes into the making of each bottle. If you’d like to check out their lineup, you can visit them online at Red 55 Winery or on social media. You can also shop local Texas suppliers, as noted above. And if you’re touring through Texas, they’re also on the Piney Woods Wine Trail!


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