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Red Bud Isle: Paradise for Dog Lovers

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Austin is notorious for being a dog-friendly city. It’s full of restaurants, bars, and events that all welcome the furry family member. Dog parks are also common, but there is one particular park so unique it deserves its own visit, regardless of where you live.

Red Bud Isle friends

Photo: Facebook/Red Bud Isle

Red Bud Isle Park is an off-leash dog island. Sound like paradise? Basically. As you stroll along the wide, well-kept walking loop, dogs bound about ahead, darting in and out of small patches of forest.

Red Bud Isle relaxing

Photo: Facebook/Red Bud Isle

The surrounding water serves as a natural fence and there are plenty of shallow inlets around the island for dogs who enjoy a refreshing swim. The park lies on Town Lake, just below the Lake Austin dam. Bags are available for cleaning up after pets, and there seems to be a devout culture of caring for the park, as there is rarely dog poop or trash anywhere on the island.

Red Bud Isle volunteers

Photo: Facebook/Red Bud Isle

Admission to the park is free and open to the public. A volunteer group, “Friends of Red Bud Isle,” helps support and maintain the park. Parking on site can be tricky sometimes, as kayakers and canoers also use the park as a launch site. However, public pay-to-park spaces are available along nearby Lake Austin Boulevard.

The park is located at 3401 Redbud Trail, Austin.