A Red Wine Float is the Refreshment You’ll be Having All Summer

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If a long, hot Texas summer is on your horizon, you may want to plan for some time to kick back and relax. To be honest, there doesn’t seem to be any better way to do that than with a red wine float. Yes, you read that right. Winos will generally tell you that wine goes with anything, but in truth, this drink truly doesn’t make perfect sense!

Texas is known for two very unique things for which folks have fond memories. One is Blue Bell Ice Cream, which comes from the illustrious Lone Star State, and there hasn’t been a summer day that wasn’t made 10 times better with some of their cool, delicious flavors. The other, of course, is wine. If you haven’t yet tried a wine that’s made in Texas, you’re absolutely missing the boat! And you need a boat to float… but we digress. Traditionally, one would make a float using their favorite cola, root beer, or even Dr Pepper (because, hey…Texas!). But the concept of mixing wine and ice cream is something new to most, and may take a little coaxing. If you’re making these for friends, be prepared to at first have to convince your crew it’s the right thing to do. Once you’ve done that, half the battle is won! The other half will be all downhill once they’ve tasted this delicious, almost sensual (we’re not kidding) amalgamation of ice cream, chocolate, and wine love.

Video: Facebook/Delish

The video above identifies step-by-step how to make a red wine float. Lining your glass with chocolate sure isn’t a bad first step! The ice cream selection by Delish is clearly different from what we would be choosing (because again… Texas), but that doesn’t mean these guys weren’t onto something! And the red wine selection can, of course, be made from your favorite High Plains, South Texas, or Texas Hill Country vineyard, because we’re loaded with them! Once you’ve had a chance to put this drink together (with some seltzer for the “floaty-ness”), you’re going to want to put your feet up and do nothing else but cool off on your day off. Enjoy!