Red Wine Hot Chocolate: Not Your Average Fad Food Blog Trend

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Over the summer and the sweltering Texas heat, you’ve probably tried your hand at Frosé, wine slushies, and any number of unique cooling-off cocktails. For fall, we all know that pumpkin spice-everything appears to rule the roost in the warm drink category. But for cooler evenings, wine lovers haven’t yet discovered their niche drink – until red wine hot chocolate became a thing.

Yes, you read that right. Last year, all the buzz in Cosmopolitan was that this drink was “the best of both worlds,” and said it was “the must-sip…” Even the guru of all things cool and kitchen-y – the Martha Stewart – had an official Facebook post calling red wine hot chocolate “spectacular.” What’s all the hub-bub about? Try it, and you’ll soon find out.  Noting that the beverage is “…more fit for sipping out of a small glass than gulping from a mug,” Kylie at Yeah…Imma Eat That posted the drink recipe back in 2014, and although it reached what appeared to be peak fame in the winter of 2016, there’s absolutely no reason this shouldn’t become a staple recipe in that box called Mommy’s Secret Stash that you keep in the top left cupboard, hidden from the kids!

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Red Wine Hot Chocolate: Not Your Average Fad Food Blog Trend


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Red Wine (your choice…so we know y’all will pick a good Texas reserve!)


(Wow, those ingredients are absolutely wretched, aren’t they?! Not even close!)


To properly prepare this amazingly rich drink (not price-wise, but in pure chocolate-y and wine-y goodness), visit And, don’t be surprised if the Texas brand of red wine you purchased for this very moment blends so utterly well with the good hot chocolate you bought from Goodies in McKinney (the stuff you only bring out for company and not kids’ sleepovers,) that you have to restock your cabinets the following day!

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