Reed Flake & Rodeo Video Show Us How Cattle Hauling is Done

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Have you ever wondered about the loading of cattle for hauling, or the guy behind the wheel doing the trucking? Well, Reed Flake and his Rodeo Video channel on YouTube has created a vlog (video blog) that outlines just that in a little over nine minutes.

Rodeo Video has more than 66 thousand subscribers on their YouTube channel featuring rodeo highlights and bloopers, George Strait (a Texas fan favorite), and any number of instructional videos regarding country and ranching lifestyle. Flake is present in most, if not all, of the site’s feed, and his no-nonsense way of introducing and instructing in the vlogs has his fans coming back for more. This particular video references the hauling of cattle on a run to Texas, in which his son Kyle assists and accompanies.

Their YouTube channel is also supported by a website which supplies everything from the “2016 Wrangler NFR – National Finals Rodeo” to T-shirts and DVDs all supporting the same passion – rodeo. This video presently sits at just over 13 thousand views and walks the viewer through loading, transporting, and unloading cattle for a run to Dalhart, Texas. It’s an interesting short-form version of what’s sure to be a long day. Loading and unloading the cattle is also something that requires know-how and the proper safety measures, not to mention the licensing, care, and proper/healthy delivery that the drivers have to be knowledgeable on. Gone are the days of the traditional drive, and since this is how cows presently get transported, Flake manages to shine a light on the process and give viewers a small glimpse of what’s required.