Pasadena Refinery Served with a Lawsuit for Pollution

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Authorities recently discovered that the Pasadena Refining Services Inc. (PRSI) plant has been releasing pollution into the air that violates the Texas Clean Air Act and the Texas Clean Water Act. Click2Houston reports that Vince Ryan, Harris County Attorney, filed a lawsuit against PRSI for their environmental violations.

PRSI has publicly received criticism before for extremely excessive pollution like in July of 2016 when “1,446 pounds of sulfur dioxide was released during a flaring operation.” During that time, the ship channel had to be closed and Galena Park was put under a shelter in place as the amount was five times over the legal limit.

The Houston Press says that the refinery was already served with a federal lawsuit from environmental groups, so Ryan’s suit will further drive home the point that PRSI is under harsh scrutiny for their practices. The Houston Press explains, “As with the suit from the environmental groups, it seems the real goal is to get Pasadena Refining System Inc. to fix these issues itself.”

Apparently, this idea was already happening just a day before Ryan’s suit was filed when PRSI officials met with environmental leaders for a brainstorming session. But the lawsuit still stands, waiting for the refinery’s next move.